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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hmm...What to say in the realm of updates to my loyal base of readers. :p

I've moved out of the ol'homestead. That's okay. I can now walk to work. I have a chair and a table and a bed. It's most rockin'. I have a TV now, too, but no cable. I'm enjoying that though...It limits my TV watching. No internets either. No computer. Oh, I'm so Amish. I've been reading. It's remarkable. Pablo Medina is good. So are all the graphic novels I'm catching up on.

I've been eating very poorly. I had chips for dinner on Saturday.

The romantic world...Thou art but a desert. I wish you were a dessert. But then that would make me stressed. Oh, how clever I've become.

The j-o-b is most assy most times. I feel like my brain is in hibernation. Packing boxes and stuffing envelopes will do that.

I think that my virginity has provided me with an amazing amount of mental clarity.

I stil have a sense of humour.

Only assholes (or the chronically depressed) like to complain when they have their [physical] health and [relative] happiness and a ticket to Paris for December.

I signed up for a creative writing course that starts in January.